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How We Do It

There are three major elements to the delivery of our Wealth Management Program to clients: the Deliverables Team, our Three Meeting System, and our structured, checklist driven processes.

The Deliverables Team:

Most likely you pay taxes, buy insurance, have investments, and have the occasional legal issue to handle. You may have employer benefits to manage. You probably work with professionals in some of these areas – a CPA , a broker, an attorney, and probably a couple of insurance agents. They may provide valuable input, but it is typically isolated. You have to coordinate and execute everything. That requires knowledge, systems, and time.

Typical Household

Client has relationships with different professionals that function largely independently. The burden of coordination between professionals falls on the client.

Typical Household_b.png


Sovereign Client's Household

Client's household finances are managed systematically. Status information is communicated through structured reports, meetings, and aggregated online resources.

Sovereign Client's Household.png

We think there's a better way. We don't believe any financial professional can be an expert in all of these areas. But we do believe that Wealth Management should include active coordination of best in class professionals in these areas. More than just referrals, this should be a structured, ongoing process.We call this the client's Wealth Management Deliverables Team.

The Three Meeting System

We believe that your time is valuable, and that the time you spend with us should be organized,purposeful, informative, and productive. We use a system of three meetings per year that is designed to systematically address all of the components of your financial life in a structured way. Each meeting isunique and focused on a specific set of issues.


3 step meeting.png

Looking for more?

Do you ever wonder if all the components of your financial life are optimally arranged? 

Have you ever been frustrated by a "financial advisor" that only seems interested in one or two areas and hasn't really helped you pull everything together the way you wanted when you first hired them?

Do review meetings with your advisor seem to involve them printing a recent statement just before you walk into the office, chatting about the market for a few minutes, seeing if there's anything new to sell you, and sending you on your way? 

Do you walk out of them better informed about your financial status, knowing where you stand relative to your goals, and confident that "all your bases are 

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