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What Clients Get

Clients of our Wealth Management Program* receive:

A Comprehensive Financial Goal Plan:

We use a structured process to help you identify and quantify your financial "needs and wants." We draft a customized plan that addresses all pertinent areas of your financial life, outlines strategies for achieving your defined goals, and analyzes whether you are on target. We update the plan as your life evolves, and track your progress over time.

Professional Investment Management...

of all investment accounts, including your employer sponsored retirement plans. We utilize a disciplined approach, defined by your customized, written Investment Policy Statement.

A Cash and Debt Management Plan...

to establish and maintain cash reserves appropriate to your specific circumstances and minimize debt expense.

Income Tax Planning:

We coordinate with tax professionals to proactively seek ways to reduce your taxes and make sure there are no"surprises" in April.

Estate and incapacity planning:

Once every three years, or upon significant changes in the law or your circumstances, we will coordinate with an estate planning attorney to review and update your Estate & Incapacity Plan. We periodically review named beneficiaries,trustees, and other pertinent designated individuals to ensure that your designations match your current circumstances and wishes.

Comprehensive Risk Management Review...

to protect what you have built. As needed, we coordinate with legal and insurance professionals to identify and address potential risks. We work with independent insurance professionals to make sure you have the right kinds and amounts of coverage, make sure there are no "coverage gaps," and see if anything can be done to reduce premiums. We work with attorneys on potential dangers to your financial plan that cannot be addressed via insurance.

Status and Progress Reports:

We believe our clients should be fully informed as to their financial status. Regular reports include monthly statements from our investment custodian, investment trade confirmations, detailed quarterly investment reports, and meeting-specific progress reports that are designed to delivery the information you want and need efficiently.

24/7 Online Access...

to your investment accounts, financial plan, and critical financial, legal, and insurance documents.

*These deliverables are applicable to our Wealth Management Program. Current Legacy Program or Investment Program clients should refer to their Wealth Management Agreement for applicable services and deliverables.

Solutions for YOU

Every client is different. We've defined the core characteristics of clients we work with most effectively, but each household has unique needs, priorities, and personalities. Some are active professionals, some are retired. Some are scientists, some are artists. Some have children with education planning needs, some are focused on charitable giving and philanthropy. While the core components of our services and processes are the same for all of them, the solutions we craft are as individual as they are.
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