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Investment Management

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1. Use Financial Planning to Determine:

  • Goals ‐ your needs, wants, and time horizon
  • Available financial resources (current investments, income, employer plans, etc.
  • Risk tolerance
  • Cash/ liquidity needs

2. Write Investment Policy Statement (IPS) that:

  • Defines portfolio objectives
  • Defines target asset allocation for all investment accounts
  • Establishes the guidelines for selection of investments
  • Specifies the criteria for evaluating performance

3. Implement Portfolio Design:

  • Filter thousands of potential investments by multiple factors including:
    • Asset class and style
    • Style consistency
    • Buy and sell discipline
    • Manager tenure
    • Performance vs. volatility
    • Expenses
  • Select investments for each account in your portfolio

4. Ongoing Review and Maintenance:

  • Monitor asset class weightings, style management, and security selection
  • Review and update IPS periodically to ensure portfolio matches your needs and circumstances
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