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The Solution: A Retirement Lifestyle Plan

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Start with your Goals. You’re unique. Your retirement Goals are unique.

For a comfortable retirement, you certainly must be able to pay your basic living expenses, without worrying about running out of money. But a truly satisfying retirement lifestyle would also include sufficient money to pay for other purchases and activities that go beyond your basic needs. That’s what makes retirement fun.

A Retirement Lifestyle Plan helps you identify all your unique Goals, including the Needs you must have, the Wants you’d like to have, and even the Wishes you might dream about.


The example that follows shows a Retirement Lifestyle Plan for John and Ann, a 57-year-old couple with a three-year-old grandson, Timmy. John and Ann have identified five Goals that will make their retirement satisfactory and enjoyable. Compare their list of Goals to what you might want for your retirement. You could have fewer Goals or many more. Then, review the results for John and Ann’s Retirement Lifestyle Plan to see how it helped them feel more confident about their future.

Most Common Goals

  • College
  • Travel
  • Car
  • Health Care
  • Home Improvement
  • Gift or Donation

Other Goals

  • Major Purchase
  • New Home
  • Wedding
  • Celebration
  • Provide Care
  • Start Business
  • Private School
  • Leave Bequest

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